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Ks.Witolda Otecki / Cekas

The mural was created as a collaboration between Otecki and Cekas in Kępa Mieszczańska on the building of the former Central Customs Office, which is under renovation and reconstruction.
It refers to the history and identity of the place, exposes the layer from the turn of the 16th / 17th centuries, i.e. the times of the port with a characteristic crane, warehouses and the river system, when the first inhabitants were fishermen and raftsmen. In the composition, figurative forms and the manner of showing architecture in early maps of Wrocław became a pretext
to search for abstract forms and purely painterly solutions. Neutral and low-contrast colors are illuminated by elements of saturated colors. The range recalls murals created in post-war Wrocław, including those that have faded with the passage of time. The density of the elements and the composition are a consequence of the perspective from which the work will be viewed, vis-a-vis a tall residential building. The painting will have its “premiere” when a new boulevard on the Oder river is opened, from the bridge. Sikorskiego towards the Pomeranian Bridge, now the entire neighborhood
is one construction site.

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