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Twilight / Pomroka

Color is a quality created by the brain, not a property of things themselves.

Supposedly, we don’t see any colors after dark. When it’s completely dark, the eyes work in scotopic mode. This way of night vision allows us to distinguish only the value. When there is a little more light, the eye goes into a mesotopic mode, called twilight. It is an intermediate state between color vision and the perception of the brightness-to-shadow ratio. I wonder why I can see many colors after dark? The colors are intense and the noise is sparkling with color. During the pandemic, I walked a lot around the Opatowicka Island in Wrocław. I experienced a specific atmosphere on the border of day and night. I listened and stared intently into the falling dusk. The works presented at the exhibition combine a photographic image, watercolor painting and drawing. I would call them nocturnes. I created them digitally, printed them in pigment technology, which enabled the brightness, clarity and intensity of colors to reflect the atmosphere of the phenomena I studied.

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